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Easy Tips for Maintaining a Youthful Appearance


Easy Tips for Maintaining a Youthful Appearance

Many people are unaware that what they do on a daily basis can affect their aging process. Like any machine, the human body requires careful maintenance to remain in top condition. To pamper yourself and remain youthful for years to come, try following these simple steps.

1.  Take ample amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that provides a boost to your immunity. This often-overlooked vitamin also boosts your collagen levels. In turn, the collagen increases the elasticity of your skin and smooths away wrinkles. Try drinking freshly squeezed juice every day and taking Vitamin C supplements regularly.

2.  Reduce sun exposure. Avoid tanning or excessive time in the sun. The ultraviolet rays cause cumulative damage to the skin, making you look older over time. A daily moisturizer with sunscreen helps combat the harmful effects of the sun.

3.  Drink 3 liters of water per day. Your body is primarily composed of water. Keeping your body well-hydrated helps your internal systems run smoothly, flushes out toxins, and keeps your skin fresh.

4.  Avoid acidic foods. Foods vary in terms of their pH balance. Fruits and vegetables have a high, or alkaline, pH level. Consuming these foods helps maintain your body in its ideal alkaline state, in which it is able to ward off disease. In contrast, foods high in protein, such as animal products, are acidic and make you more prone to illness.

5.  Avoid processed sugar.  Processed sugar is a potent drug that wreaks havoc on your system. It causes a “high” and then a precipitous “crash.”  It accelerates aging and makes you more likely to develop chronic illnesses such as type II diabetes. Steer clear of sugary sodas, junk food, and other processed foods high in sugar.

6.  Exercise in moderation. To stay youthful, engage in physical exercise for at least one hour, three times per week. To maintain bone density and keep your frame strong, do weight-bearing exercises as part of your exercise regimen.

7.  Get plenty of sleep. Most people need six to eight hours of sleep per night. Restful sleep rejuvenates your mind and body.  Avoid using electronic devices that emit blue light just before bed, as they may impede your ability to sleep. Also avoid alcohol, which interferes with your ability to get the restorative REM sleep that you need.

8.  Set and keep goals. Decide what you want to accomplish in your life, and stick with it. Even small goals give you something to strive for and keep your mind sharp over time.

9.  Keep your wardrobe and accessories modern. The clothes you wear can make you look dated. Keep abreast of modern clothing trends and hairstyles. You may want to embrace a new look. This will help you project a more youthful image.

10.  Challenge yourself. Try a new hobby, sport, or area of study. Read books on subjects that interest you. Keeping your mind finely tuned is an integral part of staying youthful.

Try making these easy steps a part of your daily regimen.  It will not be long before you experience increased energy and a more youthful appearance.

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