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Plucking, Waxing or Threading, Which is Better For Your Eyebrows?


Plucking, Waxing or Threading, Which is Better For Your Eyebrows?

What’s the best way to achieve your ideal brows? Plucking (tweezing), threading and waxing are the methods used most to get the manicured look you’re going for. While you might want to go with what looks trendy and mainstream, there is a need to have a close look at what each one of these styles give you.



Threading allows for perfect definition

For those who choose to go with this method, it is highly detailed. It allows you to carve out a shape for the brow according to your own preferences, creating a sharp look that stays on for quite a bit and remains very noticeable.

Natural finish

Here, you are handling hairs at a very individual level. You do not deal with a clump of hairs, but working with every single piece until the end, which gives you the flexibility to carve out a sharp finish at the end.

It is fast

With threading, there is not much in the way of intricacies. All that the technician needs to do is move from a single piece of hair to the next. The entire process is much faster than tweezing.


Threading is a very fast process that focuses more on getting things done than actually providing quality. You will therefore find that the hair removal process is rather careless, providing substandard results.




You can choose to go for tweezing services from professionals, but it is not absolutely necessary, because it is a simple enough process to carry out in front of your mirror.


You can adopt a do-it-yourself approach here, which gives you the flexibility to shape your brows according to your very specific preference. It is also a perfect way of experimenting with different looks.


The wrong tweezing could cause loss of hair

The tweezing that goes at this level is not exactly perfect. Since the process simply involves getting rid of a few hairs here and there, it could lead to the loss of some of them permanently, especially if the spacing is too close. However, there are many types of tweezers in the market, and going all in for the best helps you to avoid over-tweezing. Using a magnifying glass is probably not a very good idea, as it gives you the wrong account of spacing.



Less time and effort is spent fussing over brows

Unlike the other two, waxing has a prolonged period between the time it happens and the time the hairs grow back. This is an advantage to those who do not feel up to the task of having to tweak things all the time. It is also a welcome choice for those whose hair has a habit of growing back too quickly as it causes a delay in the natural progression from the root.

Shaping is easy

If you have long brows that tend to grow out wildly, you can manage the outcrop real easy with waxing. In addition, you can do it in such a way that the regrowth is very soft and comes back thinner than it was with earlier looks.


The final look is unnatural

Admittedly, this choice works for people with specific facial configurations. However, for others, the feeling is that the final look is too emphatic and outstanding. Since appearances have to do with the whole face rather than the brows alone, there is a fear among beauticians that the defined look will take away from the focus on other areas of the face. For those who prefer more subtle appearances, the attention waxing creates might be unsettling.

Presence of halo

After you are through with the waxing, you will notice a red halo in the area involved. Despite the fact that this halo is temporary, it is uncomfortable to most women. In addition, waxing tends to pull at the skin, which causes discomfort especially if your skin is too sensitive.

Plucking, waxing and threading are three amazing ways to manage the shape and size of your brows. Your choice will boil down to personal considerations and to a significant extent, your type of brows.

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