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The Pros and Cons of Female Face Shaving


The Pros and Cons of Female Face Shaving

Should I shave my facial hair? If you find yourself asking this question, then don’t worry as you’re probably not alone. Female face shaving has increasingly drawn attention around the globe as women look for efficient ways to deal with excess facial hair. After all, a good number already shave their legs or pubes on a regular basis, plus a handful of celebrities such as Caroline Manzo, Marilyn Monroe and Kate Somerville have been known to shave their faces. But before you make any decision, it’s important to understand the procedure itself as well as its pros and cons. Read on.

The step by step process for female face shaving 

  1. Apply a warm compress

Dampen a clean towel with some warm water and then press it on your face for two minutes or so. This is important for opening the pores as well as softening your hair to ensure a cleaner and less irritating shave. It can also help lower the risk of ingrown hairs. Alternatively, you can shave while in the shower (the hot water will help open those pores)

  1. Apply shaving cream

You should use quality shaving cream rather than soap. Most of the shaving creams available on the market come with anti-inflammatory, skin-protecting and soothing ingredients that not only allow for a clean shave but also minimize irritation and razor burn. If needed, you can look for a product with a feminine scent so the experience doesn’t look so inherently masculine. Simply dispense a small amount, (a quarter size may be enough) of your cream into your hands and gently rub together to obtain lather. Apply all over your face.

  1. Shave

Be sure to use a sharp razor and first shave downwards. This will allow you to remove most of the hair as you will be shaving in the direction of hair growth. Moreover, it will help lessen skin irritation and lower the risk of ingrown hairs (which is one thing you need to be very careful about when it comes to face shaving). You can then try to shave upwards a few times to get a close shave.

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  1. Give hard-to reach areas special attention

You should be very careful when working around your neck, on the chin and some other areas. These are not only difficult to reach but they’re prone to cuts as they are typically thin-skinned. You can even use your tongue when shaving to help smooth the hard-to-reach hairs around areas such as the lips and chin.

  1. Wash your face

When done, thoroughly rinse away the cream with warm water and dry your face with a clean towel. You can then apply your moisturizer.

  1. Do it frequently

Add face shaving to your daily skin care routine. If you have difficulty with this, consider other hair removal methods such as waxing and plucking. Shaving frequently is important as the new growth that follows may appear on your skin as blunt-edged stubble and can be highly noticeable.

Pros of female face shaving 

  1. Helps exfoliate

Shaving easily removes the dead skin cells and reveals the fresher, younger skin underneath. So, you will enjoy the benefits of a smoother face and won’t have to waste time using other exfoliation procedures.

  1. Improves skin

After shaving, some women report improvements in the overall look and condition of their skin. They say that it feels lovely and smooth, plus moisturizers and anti-aging serums sink in better. Make-up also sits better gives the skin a healthier color.

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  1. Good alternative to waxing

Women who are sensitive to waxing know what a nightmare it can be. Common effects include pimples, redness, itching and bruising. Such individuals can benefit by making the switch to shaving; it is much gentler on one’s skin.

Cons of female face shaving?

  1. Could damage the skin

If you’re already using an exfoliator, washcloth or face brush and shave your face, you could increase the risk of damage to your skin due to the excessive scrubbing. Your skin may look papery and thin, or even show premature signs of aging.

  1. Not for everyone

Female face shaving may not be the right procedure for every woman out there, especially those who have certain conditions. If you have cold sore, rash or dermatitis, avoid shaving. Those under medication that increases the skin sensitivity should also do it carefully.

  1. Risk of razor bumps

Just like men, women can get razor bumps after shaving. Razor bumps typically represent ingrown hairs or hair follicle infections and can be pretty annoying for anyone.

So, should you still go for the procedure? It’s best to evaluate the various pros and cons of female face shaving to determine whether the procedure is right for you.  written by: judekim

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