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Granny Panties: Are They Healthier Than Thongs?


Granny Panties: Are They Healthier Than Thongs?

Surprise, Surprise, according to a recent study, the sale of thong underwear has decreased by 7 percent. While the sale of fuller underwear, such as briefs and boy shorts has increased by 17 percent over the past year.

Granny2 mcjGranny panties, even though very comfortable have been stereotyped as being undesirable and unsexy. The good news is that granny panties are now back in vogue, and sexier than ever. But the question is, are they any healthier for you than thongs?

And the answer is – not really

Experts say that the type of underwear worn doesn’t matter. However, the material that the underwear is made of and the proper fit of the underwear is very important. They suggest that women stick to cotton panties, whether they’re in the form of a thong or high-waist briefs.

Synthetic material, on the other hand, can irritate the skin in that area because it isn’t as breathable. Synthetic fabrics also cause that area to become sweatier, which induces unwanted odor as well. So, even a cotton thong would be fine to wear, while granny panties made of synthetic material would not. Although the style of panties doesn’t have much of an effect on personal hygiene and wellness, this shift in preference from thongs to granny panties suggests a healthier shift in society’s perception of beauty and body image.

The decline in thong sales and increase in granny panties can be seen as a feminist trend. Lingerie, including thongs, is often marketed towards the preference of men. When women shop for this type of clothing, they hardly think of their taste and focus on what their significant other would enjoy seeing instead.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, granny panties endorse comfort and satisfaction with one’s body. More than anything, this preference towards granny panties shows that women are dressing for themselves and their comfort only. This holistic perspective towards body image is healthier in the long run because less pressure is put on women to emulate a certain, desirable look. Society, women, in particular, are becoming more accepting of all body types, not just the ones that sprawl across the laminated pages of magazines.

A healthier body image relieves the mind of stress and reduces the chances of developing mental and emotional problems like depression, eating disorders and anxiety. Healthy body images promote mental stability and good interpersonal relationships. All in all, these are what granny panties promote: self-acceptance and comfort.

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