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Tips For Losing Weight After 30


Tips For Losing Weight After 30

Remember when you could drop five pounds without batting an eye?

Then you turned 30, and had to work a lot harder to shed those unwanted pounds.

Your 30s are the decade when your metabolism slows, and you may not be as active as you were in your 20s.  The stress from careers or family, and many of our bad eating habits hinder our ability to rid ourselves of unwanted pounds easily.  Trying to maintain or lose weight can be difficult to manage. Difficult… but not impossible.  Here are some tips to help you drop pounds if you are in your 30s:

  1. Space out your protein intake.

If metabolism in our 20s is like a raging inferno, metabolism in our 30s is more like a comfortable campfire. It’s still burning, but it’s in serious need of wood to keep it going. That wood is protein.

We lose muscle throughout every decade of life. However, the third decade is when it really starts to creep in. Weight-bearing exercises are vitally important, but keeping and building muscle also consists of consuming protein. How we split up our daily food sources could make a difference.

A 2009 study from the University of Texas found when individuals in their mid-30s spaced out protein consumption to slightly less than 30 grams per meal, they built more muscle than when they clumped all their protein needs at the end of the day.

The majority of Americans eat most of their protein at dinner and consume little protein at lunch or breakfast.  The study’s authors suggested that instead of eating the majority of your protein at dinner, try shifting some of that protein to other meals throughout the day.

  1. Back away from the chicken nuggets.

Many women start their journey into motherhood in their 30s.  Before little Johnny or Suzy came along you probably ate pretty healthy meals.  But a toddler’s preference for nuggets, pizza, Kraft macaroni and cheese, goldfish crackers, chocolate milk and fish sticks often find their way into your mouth.

Not only does your toddler prefer these kinds of foods over broccoli or spinach, but with your busy lifestyle it’s often easier to pickup these types of meals then make something from scratch.

You have two options, either eliminate these kid friendly foods from your toddler’s menu, or refrain from eating off little Johnny’s plate.  Once you stop sneaking food off your kid’s plate you’ll notice the pounds begin to drop.

  1. Make your bedroom a slumber chamber.

Your 30s can be very stressful, and it may be hard to get the rest you need. But if you’re serious about losing weight, sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.

Studies have found lack of sleep is associated with weight gain, increased appetite, decreased metabolism, and less motivation to exercise.  So in order to get the sleep you need to help you lose weight, keep your bedroom temperature between 60 and 67 degrees.  Use low lighting and avoid bright lights an hour before hitting the sack.  Yes, this includes your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or TV.

  1. Take a look at your friends.

If your friends are overweight, than you probably are too, obesity and inactivity are contagious.

In a 2007 landmark study, the New England Journal of Medicine found a direct relationship between your friends who were obese and your own weight. If your friend is obese, your chances of becoming obese increased by 57 percent. Additionally, having mutual friends who are obese puts your chances at 171 percent. Those aren’t good odds if you’re trying to lose weight.

No one is saying to drop friends who don’t fit a certain dress size, just be aware of how powerful and influential your friends may be on your weight. If you’re trying to lose weight, consider buddying up with one of your 30-something friends with similar weight-loss goals. Perhaps you can even spend more time with friends who are considered a normal weight.  Thinness is contagious, too.

  1. Cut back on alcohol consumption.

Yeah, I know, sometimes you need that glass or two of wine to wind down.  Maybe you like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage at happy hour, or on date night.  Alcohol always seem to creep its way into our daily activities and consequently onto our waistlines.

Many 30-year-olds use alcohol to de-stress. They’re at work all day and drink alcohol at night to cope, and we’re not talking one glass.  A lot of women are drinking 3-4 glasses per night, which can add 125 to 500 calories to your daily caloric intake.  To lose weight, try to cut consumption in half at first and then once you’ve mastered that, try to wean off a little more or just drink on the weekends.  In no time, you notice your clothes fitting a little looser.

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