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10 Great Ways to Use Vicks VapoRub


10 Great Ways to Use Vicks VapoRub

I think of Vicks VapoRub as an old school decongestant remedy because it has been around for more than a century with very few changes.  Maybe because of its simplicity, it’s still a popular OTC drug to alleviate chest, throat, and head congestion using menthol. Vick’s is still used to help kids with bronchitis, colds, and more.

But did you know that Vicks can be used in many other ways?  Check out these great ways to use Vicks VapoRub at home. You’ll definitely want to stock up on this useful product.

  1. Stopping cough

If you find yourself coughing through the night, Vicks will come to the rescue. Simply apply Vicks to the soles of your feet and then put socks on your feet. You’ll notice that your coughing quickly goes away, and you’ll enjoy a night of great sleep without all the coughing.

  1. Treats sore, achy muscles

If you’re dealing with sore, achy muscles, Vicks can help. It helps to relieve the pain and increase the circulation to the area as well. Apply a generous amount of the ointment to the affected muscles and you’ll begin to enjoy some relief fairly quickly.

  1. Helps eliminate nail fungus

If you have fungus on your toenails, simply rub a bit of the Vicks VapoRub right on the affected toes. You’ll notice that the nail starts turning dark in a couple days, which means it’s working to eliminate the fungus. Your toenails will keep growing, and the dark area will soon be gone. You’ll be back to having feet that are fungus-free. Just make sure you apply the Vicks for a couple weeks to make sure that all the fungus is eliminated.

  1. Eliminate cat scratching

Many cats like to scratch hard surfaces, but this can result in destruction to your windows, walls, and doors. You can apply a bit of Vicks to any area where your cat keeps scratching. Cats hate the smell of Vicks, so you can make sure that your cat will leave these areas alone in the future.

  1. Keep your pet from urinating in your home

Are you having a problem potty training Fido or Fluffy? If so, you can place a bottle of Vicks that has been opened in any area where your pet likes to urinate. The smell will keep your pet from urinating in the affected areas.

  1. Headache relief

Massage a bit of this ointment into the forehead and temples. The menthol scent helps to relieve pain and should help release some of the pressure you’re feeling in your head as a result of the headache.

  1. Humidify your sleep

You can also use Vicks in many humidifiers and vaporizers. However, before you use it in a humidifier, make sure the humidifier has a compartment for aromatherapy. The humidifier will help circulate the smell all through the hair, helping you breathe easier through the night.

  1. Paper cuts and splinters

It’s also possible to use Vicks on small cuts, splinters and abrasions to prevent infection. Applying a bit of Vicks to the cut, splinter, or abrasion will also help it heal much faster.

  1. Ticks and bugs

If you get a tick bite and the tick won’t come out of your skin, apply some Vicks to the area. In many cases, the strong smell of the Vicks will make the tick back right out so you can get rid of it.

  1. Keep mosquitoes at bay

If you want to keep mosquitoes at bay, grab the Vicks. Apply a bit of it to your skin and they’ll be sure to stay away. If you already have a mosquito bite, you can apply a little Vicks to the bit, covering it with a bandage to help relieve the itching.

Yes, Vicks has a very strong smell, but it definitely has a lot to offer. It’s reasonably priced and you can use it in so many ways, so make sure you always have some Vicks VapoRub on hand.

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