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Obvious Signs You Should Ditch Mr. Wrong


Obvious Signs You Should Ditch Mr. Wrong

Letting go of Mr. Wrong can be just as hard as finding Mr. Right.

You are likely to encounter at least one guy that’s bad for you in your love life (probably more than one). He might be an addict, abusive, a guy who is not emotionally available, a cheater, or a player. Here are clear signs that you should ditch Mr. Wrong before it’s too late.

He is still seeing other women

Before we expound on this you should know one thing…if you have only been on one or two dates, you have no right to lay claim over this guy and neither does he. This is because you aren’t exclusive yet and he is still testing the waters. At this stage, you shouldn’t be taking things so seriously.

But if you have been dating this guy consistently for at least six months and he is still seeing other women, you should ditch him. He is wasting your time. He is obviously still keeping his options open and it’s an obvious sign things aren’t working out between you two. Don’t make the mistake of hanging in there waiting for him to make up his mind.

You are on and off

Remember in Sex and the City how Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw dated on and off for ten years. Even though they eventually got married, the on and off thing was a time waster for Carrie. She could have spent those ten years building a fruitful relationship with Mr. Big.

If you are dating a guy on and off, that’s a huge sign you are not compatible. Simply end the relationship and start hanging out with men who have fewer issues. If you don’t you’ll be like Carrie, wasting your good years on Mr. Wrong. And don’t be deluded that you might get married eventually. Chances are very high you won’t.

The guy’s life is in shambles

How can you expect a man to take care of you when he can’t take care of himself?  A guy who is lazy, jobless, does illegal stuff or is addicted to drugs is just not worth the effort.  Do yourself a favor and get out while you still can.

He has many baby mamas

Why would you go out with a guy who has seven different kids with seven different mothers? That’s a huge sign that he isn’t commitment ready and he can’t keep it in his pants. It doesn’t matter if he can support all his ten children from ten different mothers. Don’t allow yourself to be the eleventh baby mama.

Already emotionally involved with Mr. Wrong?

So you are already emotionally involved with this guy and you are having a hard time letting go. Don’t worry, there’s a solution for that.

The biggest reason why you feel you cannot let go of Mr. Wrong is because he fills a void in your life. Maybe you are financially dependent on him, he is the only guy that you think “gets” you, the sex is good, and so on. The first step towards getting rid of Mr. Wrong is to get your life in order.

If you depend on him financially, get a job. If he is the only one that “gets” you, you need to find new friends.

The second step is to take care of the relationship yourself. Do not announce it on Facebook or any other social media platform. The only time you are allowed to let your friends and family help you out is if your life is in danger. Otherwise your relationship problems should be between you and your beau.

The final step is to break things off with him as calmly as possible. Please don’t do it over text messages or through your status on Facebook. Don’t drive over to his house and cause a scene either. Be mature about it. Meet him face to face, preferably in a public place and end things as quietly and as calmly as possible. And stick to your decision. Don’t break up with him today and get back with him tomorrow.

Mr. Wrong can waste the good years of your life if you keep being in a relationship with him. Once you start seeing all the signs that make him bad for you, you should ditch him right away.

Take control of your love life and happiness!

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