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Single AF and Loving it!


Single AF and Loving it!

How Single Women Are Changing The World.

If you are a single woman, you are not alone.  For the first time in U.S. history single women (women who have never been married), outnumber married women in the U.S., according to a recent U.S. Census report.

Not only are women waiting longer to get married but fewer of them are tying the knot at all. Because there are so many single women who depend on themselves to become financially and emotionally healthy, they are in the forefront on many of the amazing changes that benefit all women.

  1. Single women are fighting to close the gender pay gap

Because they’re not financially dependent on a man, single women are front and center when it comes to demanding that women get paid just as much as men for doing the same work.

  1. Single women demand gender equality

Single women who are working just as hard as their male counterparts in the same position aren’t willing to take a backseat in their quest for equality. They fight tooth and nail to get what they rightfully earn. They are constantly trying to break the glass ceiling wider so that more women can pass through it.

  1. Single women fight for paid family leave

Today’s single women are more embolden than ever to have a child without being married or even being in a committed relationship.  So it’s not surprising that paid family leave is extremely important to them. When you don’t have a partner to help out, this is no longer a perk but a necessity.

  1. Single women have their acts together

Single women don’t see their self-worth as being tied to a husband.  They have pushed away from that outdated social norm.  They are not afraid to go solo and must have their acts together to succeed. Being a single woman can be scary and you must be strong, confident, and be the complete package to make it on your own.

  1. Single women have a big impact on women’s reproductive rights

Single women believe they are the best at making decisions for themselves and this includes their productive rights. According to the National Abortion Federation, 83 percent of women who terminate a pregnancy are unmarried. So it stands to reason that single women want to protect their autonomy and right to decide what is best for each individual when it comes to their bodies.  This right is so paramount that single women exercise their right to vote to make sure that this personal decision is not taken away from them.

  1. Single women make their feelings known by voting

Speaking of voting, single women are emerging as a potentially huge voting bloc. There are a lot of them, and that means they are developing some political muscle. According to the Voter Participation Center there were 55 million unmarried women eligible to vote in the 2012 Presidential Election. That makes them one of the fastest growing voting groups.

  1. Single women are great for the economy

Singles have more disposable income and like to go out and enjoy themselves.  Single people don’t have any qualms about spending money in bars, restaurants, or buying the latest smart phone, and they love to travel.  According to the 2010 Consumer Expenditure survey, single people spent on average $34,471 while married individuals without children only spent $28,017. In total, singles now spend $1.9 trillion every year in the United States.  And in the short term, that’s excellent for the economy.

  1. Single women are owning it

Single women take the reins when it comes to their education, careers, sexuality, and everything in between.  They are completely independent, free of the entanglements that come with marriage, and in many ways, that’s exactly how people rule the world: by standing on their own two feet and shedding the shackles that once held them down.

  1. Singles women are changing the world, literally

Single women are not just changing things in the U.S. More than 32 million Americans are now living alone, and that number is also high in places like Europe and Japan.  This is one of the world’s biggest social changes in the last 50 years. This change has a big impact on society; family structures are changing, apartment buildings are being built differently, companies are selling their products differently. Basically, being a single women is a big deal!

  1. Single women make no apologizes

Single women no longer feel they have to apologize or make excuses for being single.  They revel in their freedom and take pride in their ability to make it on their own while bringing the rest of the world along for the ride.

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