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Is He The Real Deal or Are You Being Played?


Is He The Real Deal or Are You Being Played?

How many women have asked this question?

“So what’s the deal with this guy? One minute he shows me love, and the next he’s cold and uncaring. Why is he blowing hot and cold all the time? Should I hang in there or I’m I just wasting my time with this guy?”

Ladies, you’ve probably been, or are currently in such a situation. You like a guy but he is sending you all these mixed signals. Is he the type of guy who is emotionally unavailable and is in the process of figuring things out, or is he just a time waster? We have a few telltale signs that will tell you if you are being played.

He likes you to some extent

You’ve had “the talk” with him, you’ve told him how much you like him and he’s told you that he likes you…but to some extent. What does that mean? Well, ladies, don’t try to turn his words into something deep with a mysterious meaning because men are usually straightforward…most of the time.

If he says, he likes you to some extent it means he is not all the way in. He will bolt out of your relationship the moment things start to get real or you undergo some sort of change (like gaining a pound or two).

He is never very clear

“So babe, what are you up to tonight?”

“Oh you know, just doing some stuff with some guys later on somewhere.”

See how vague that answer is? What stuff is he doing, who’s he doing it with and where will he be doing it?

See, this guy doesn’t want to risk you showing up unannounced while he is doing “stuff” with some “guys” so he’d rather be vague. But all this does is leave you suspicious or left out.

A guy with pure intentions doesn’t need to be vague with his girl.

He doesn’t want to hang out

He won’t take you to the movies because it’s not his style…he’d rather hang out with you in the house. But when a movie he’s been anticipating comes out, he will go to the theater with his friends. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out he is not that into you if he’s pulling such a move on you.

He doesn’t respect your time

We are not talking about him showing up late for dates…although that is still irritating. We are talking about him making plans with you and canceling at the last minute because his buddies came up with a better plan that doesn’t include you. Never mind that you had canceled plans with your friends in order to spend time with him.

He expects you to drop everything you are doing because he wants to come over and spend time with you (read have sex) but he won’t drop what he’s doing to spend time with you.

He introduces you as his friend

You are only his girlfriend behind closed doors but when you are out there, you are just his friend. And when you bump into his hot female bff, he only introduces you by your name…doesn’t even bother to clarify whether you are a friend, girlfriend, cousin, sister, etc.

Get a clue girl, you are being played.

He never keeps his promises

He promises you the world…especially during the moments leading up to sex. But when he’s done, he’s done. He will jump out of bed, throw on his clothes and you won’t hear from him for a coupla days. Give him a week or so when he needs some sex and he’ll call you. He’ll probably feed you some bullshit phrases like “baby I missed you” or “it was really busy at work that’s why I didn’t call.”

He openly disrespects you

You are out at the club having a good time but he’s busy flirting and exchanging phone numbers with other girls.

Don’t bother trying to unleash your Taekwondo moves on those man stealing sluts because the problem isn’t with them…it’s with your man. He’s the one disrespecting you.

And he won’t just do it at the club. He will talk and treat you like trash in front of friends.

So, ladies, turn on your bullshit detector if a guy displays one of these signs. He’s probably just playing you. -Lisa Pandora

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