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Has Your Romantic Relationship Reached Its Peak?


Has Your Romantic Relationship Reached Its Peak?

Most relationships have a shelf-life of only a few months… if that!

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you should stick around and see where a relationship takes you, or if you should cut your losses and move on. If you are having a hard time deciding which road to take, below are five signs your relationship has reached its peak, and will probably not advance to the next level.

1. There is little to no physical affection

Ask any married couple, and they’ll tell you a healthy and active love life takes some seriously concentrated effort over the long haul. But what is difficult and challenging after several years of marriage should not be difficult and challenging after several months of dating. If your partner doesn’t at least get your pulse moving a little faster every time you see them, that might be an indication you’re in a relationship that’s going to go the distance.

2. It’s all physical and nothing else

The other end of the spectrum, is when your relationship is nothing but physical.  You rarely, if ever, find yourself talking about anything of value, or importance. If every “date” takes place in bed, it might be time to get out of bed and see if you have anything in common outside the sheets. Long term relationships require a solid foundation of similar interests and passions. If the only thing you have in common is how much you both enjoy lovemaking, then it might be time to move on.

3. You or your partner have stopped caring about their appearance

When two people first start dating, they tend to put an inordinate amount of effort into maintaining their physical appearance. Over time, however, as they become more comfortable with each other, it is natural to fall back into more natural patterns of grooming and self-care. There is a difference, however, in maintaining a more realistic level of personal hygiene, and just not caring at all about your appearance. When your partner shows up unexpectedly and catches you in your rattiest old sweats, that’s one thing. But when you have plans to meet and one of you can’t be bothered to tidy yourself up, that’s not a good sign.

4. Your partner is not truly committed to the relationship

It might be time to call it quits if you are contributing significantly more in a certain area than your partner and they are unable or unwilling to step up and contribute more. Ultimately, relationships require two people who are both committed to and invested in the relationship. Marilyn Stowe, a top divorce attorney and author, says: “a relationship can only be rescued and revived when both parties believe that it is worth fighting for.”

5. You don’t go out together anymore

It’s never a good sign when you stop wanting to spend time with your partner. This doesn’t mean you don’t need any “me” time away from them – that’s not only natural, it’s healthy. But when you can go a week or more without having any desire to see them, talk to them or be around them, that is not a good or healthy sign. Written by Chrissy K.

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