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Warning Signs Your Man is Shady


Warning Signs Your Man is Shady

Dating a shady man can make even the most secure woman feel insecure and second-guess herself. A shady man has honed his skills and knows exactly how to get what he wants. Here are five signs that you are dating a shady man.

1. He’s a sweet-talker from the start

If the man you’re dating started flattering you the moment he met you, this could be a sign there is something to worry about. A man who can flatter a woman he doesn’t even know can do so with any woman. It might make you feel special, but can you trust his words? If he uses terms like “sweetie” and “honey” rather than your name, this is a sign of a shady man because he’s attempting to give you that special feeling.

2. He says meeting you changed his life

A man who tells you that you’ve changed his life is probably using another form of sweet-talking to get into your heart. While it’s nice to hear, the chances of that being true are quite slim. If he claims his life was dark and his future bleak before you entered his world, he might be shady. This is especially true if he makes these claims very early on in your relationship.

3. He makes excuses for lies

If you’ve caught your boyfriend in a lie and he makes excuses to try to make them okay, you are dealing with a shady man. If you call him out on his bad actions, he may make you feel guilty because he intended his lies to bring you closer together or save you from being hurt. This kind of shady man can talk his way out of every lie he tells. You may end up feeling bad for being upset over his lies because he so skilled at making himself look good.

4. He suddenly has a new schedule

If the man you’re dating suddenly decides that he suddenly needs to nap for three hours during the afternoon, he might be up to some shady behavior. A sudden change in schedule might suggest he has someone else in his life that he doesn’t want to tell you about. If he’s not someone who typically naps, you’ll obviously wonder why he needs three-hour naps. Is he seeing someone else? Does he want time away from you but he’s not brave enough to say so?

5. You have a weird feeling about him

If you have a strange feeling about the man you’re dating, but can’t seem to pinpoint what it is, you shouldn’t ignore this. Always trust your intuition. If you’ve ever had a funny feeling about someone and later found out they were shady, you’ll know exactly how important intuition is. You don’t have to be able to say exactly why someone feels off.

Dating a shady man is not enjoyable. You constantly find yourself wondering if he means what he says. If you think you’re dating a shady man, it’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to put up with.

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